Practitioner Testimonials

Stewart Title serves a network of thousands of legal professionals across Australia who have come to know and trust Stewart Title Limited as an experienced, reliable title insurer.


But, don’t just take our word for it. Let our practitioner clients tell you about their experiences in their own words:

New South Wales

“Stewart Title insurance is an amazing product that not only gives our clients peace of mind, but ours as well. Knowing our clients have that added protection always makes us feel better.

Stewart Title have an amazing group of people who work for them as a “team” and are always there to help. They are always efficient with getting back to us when we have questions and are there when we need support.

We never hesitate to offer our clients Stewart Title insurance.”

Clare King, Rickwoods Conveyancing


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“I would highly recommend Stewart Title and the service they provide together with friendly staff, in particular Ken Chng who has been the backbone for the Central Coast and is very supportive and knowledgeable with information that he passes and encouragement.

I emphasise that congratulations are in order in the way that Stewart Title conduct their services professionally and in a friendly and efficient manner and are highly regarded in our industry.

I never hesitate to recommend Stewart Title to my clients and peers. Keep up the good work and thank you.”

Toni Oliver, Toni Oliver Conveyancing


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“Stewart Title always replies to queries in a speedy and efficient manner. They understand the urgency of providing replies quickly to meet the demanding timeframes of a conveyancing transaction. We'd highly recommend them.”

Amanda Edmonds, Edmonds Conveyancing


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“We recommend to all our clients that they purchase title insurance from Stewart title because it is a good product for minimising risk. Stewart Title provides a no fuss, easy online application process.

The claims process is straightforward, and our client’s claim was attended to professionally and expeditiously.

Charlotte Traynor and the team at Stewart Title are very helpful and efficient, providing great support in answering any questions we have.”

Murray Hamer, Hamer & Hamer Solicitors


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“I have been dealing with Charlotte Traynor of Stewart Title now for three years. I am a busy conveyancing solicitor and many of my clients have purchased title insurance through Stewart Title. In that time I have found Charlotte to be personable, professional, and knowledgeable in her area.

She is always available to assist me, my staff and my clients with any queries in respect to title insurance. One of the main reasons I have stayed with Stewart Title is because of Charlotte”

Thia Kyriazis, Roper & Steggall Solicitors & Conveyancers


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“I felt it appropriate to write and relay my firm’s gratitude and appreciation for Stewart Title and the way in which your staff, policies and support shown to our clients either during setting up policies or during a claim period is remarkable.

We have absolutely no hesitation suggesting your product to our clients as we see it as offering a higher standard of care. We thank you for the continued support.”

Darren Casey, Central Coast Conveyancing


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“The thing we love best about dealing with Stewart Title is their people.

Whenever we have a question about our client’s title insurance requirements, the staff at Stewart Title are always extremely responsive and incredibly helpful.  Getting information or an opinion quickly allows us to meet our client’s expectation and offer them the best solution for their situation. Stewart Title helps us to keep our clients happy.”

Craig Radford, Paul Denny Conveyancing


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“I have had the pleasure in dealing with Ken Chng for a number of years, he’s knowledge and assistance has been beneficial in helping me help my clients providing them with peace of mind and protecting their interests through the use of title insurance.”

Scott Kilmurray, Scott Kilmurray Conveyancing & Law


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“Recommending Stewart Title insurance to my clients gives me confidence they are providing insurance products which protect my clients for a number of underlying items and unknown risks which may not be identified during a conveyancing process.

Dealing with Toni is a pleasure, as she is always there to answer our questions within a timely manner. If Toni is unavailable, there is always friendly staff to assist us and our clients.”

Carmela Alexis, Alexis Conveyancing


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“Stewart Title have been an integral part of the service we provide our clients for many years. I have always felt very supported by the team there with their quick response times, staff training they provide my team and transparency of their product. As a conveyancer I believe that I am being negligent if I do not offer title insurance as an option to my clients and Stewart Title is my preferred insurer.”

Peta Stewart, Peta Stewart Property Conveyancers


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“Stewart Title gives our clients peace of mind when purchasing property. The service from Toni and the Stewart Title team is always second to none. We cannot recommend them and the product highly enough.”

Jarrad Downs, Kells Lawyers


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“Title insurance is like any insurance; you never know you need it until you do and it only takes a glance at Stewart Title's portfolio to see what good care they take of their clients.  Toni and the team could not be more delightful to deal with and title insurance is definitely something I as a practitioner would like to see expanded and offered to each and every client.”

Becky House, Kenny Spring Solicitors

South Australia

“I have enjoyed a relationship with Stewart Title for a number of years and as a practitioner, have found them to be supportive, responsive and easy to do business with. I appreciate the simplicity of the product and find that with the material provided by Stewart Title, it is an easy and smooth discussion to have with my clients. A title insurance discussion is a must for all my Purchaser clients, and I ask them to acknowledge that they have considered the insurance, even in the event they decide to decline. I feel fortunate to have Stewart Title ‘on my team’ – they allow me to take my level of service to my clients, to the next level!”

Sandy Rollison, Sandy.K Conveyancing


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“Thank you to all the friendly and helpful staff at Stewart Title insurance for responding to our client’s queries so promptly and always explaining their questions in a way that is understandable for clients to make an informed decision. We look forward to our continuing solid working relationship for years to come!”

~ Sandy Kastanos, Edge Conveyancing SA


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“I cannot hold Stewart Title insurance and their team in any higher regard professionally. All team members that I have had the pleasure of dealing with have been quick to respond, pleasant, professional, and informative on all levels. No task appears to be too hard or cumbersome for them.

Our firm has been a client of Stewart for a number of years now, and their response time to any questions or queries our office may have are dealt with timely and efficiently without any delay.
We have had feedback from a few of our clients who have subsequently made a claim through Stewart Title insurance and they have been pleased with the claims process and the ease of dealing with the staff.”

~ Karyn Freeman, SAIT Conveyancers


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“Stewart Title continues to provide exceptional service to our clients. Their commitment to the Australian real estate industry, their experience and high degree of professionalism set Stewart Title apart. The entire team is knowledgeable, responsive and a pleasure to work with and Conveyancing Matters’ is proud to partner with Stewart Title.”

~ Michelle Hendry, Conveyancing Matters & Australian Institute of Conveyancers National Vice-President


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“We have used the services of Stewart Title for many years now and have been impressed with the level of service that they provide. The claims that our clients have had, have been dealt with the minimum of fuss. Charlotte as our personal business representative is always available to answer any queries that either myself or my staff have. Exceptional service and product and we highly recommend that anyone buying property take out Stewart Title to safeguard against unknown issues that could arise in the future.”

~ Denise McKay, McKay Business Services


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“Stewart Title has been a partner of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers SA (AICSA) for several years and I wish to tell you what an excellent team they have, in particular their Manager Business Development – Charlotte Traynor. Charlotte was a pivotal part of our recent regional training days and testament to this was the excellent feedback we received from our members. Stewart Title are a trusted alliance/partner, a pleasure to liaise with and they consistently provide prompt professional advice and service.  Although savvy business operators they are always willing to ‘give back’ and therefore they add value to the Institute and our members.

We are so pleased that we have Stewart Title as one of the AICSA’s partners, as they extend continued care and support as part of their customer service.”

~ Carmel Noon, CEO, Australian Institute of Conveyancers South Australian Division


“Title insurance has a very important role to play in protecting our property buyer clients. We have found that Stewart Title premiums are competitive, and the simplicity of instigating policies makes it easy for us to help our clients accept and implement our protection strategy recommendations.

The feedback that we have received from our clients is that claims are handled efficiently and fairly with client's expectations, where reasonable, typically met. We have had no negative feedback from clients who we have referred to Stewart Title.

Stewart Title’s underwriting staff always seem ready to assist with tricky questions and policy clarifications and their insurance will continue to form an important part of how we protect our clients.”

Justin McMullen, McMullen Lawyers


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“We have been extremely impressed with the customer service we and our clients have received from Charlotte Traynor and the team at Stewart Title. Their communication has been amazing and every query we have had, has been answered quickly and in detail ensuring that we are providing the best advice onto our clients.

Stewart Title are also major advocates for education and through their Stewart Connect program we have had the opportunity to delve into the claims side of the business and learn about the process behind the scenes and the outcomes Stewart Title have been able to achieve for their Insured.”

Emmi Balmer, EB Conveyancing


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“We love Stewart Title in Tasmania, where obtaining the title insurance policy on behalf of our clients, means one less thing our clients need to worry about when entering into one of the biggest financial investments of their lives. We believe title insurance is great product for Tasmania, where our laid-back lifestyle and “she’ll be right mate” attitude is the norm. There are many glorious old properties in Tasmania, which have stood the test of time and how does a client protect themselves for things done by previous owners? They take out title insurance – the coverage for unknown issues and a bonus of a one-off premium for the lifetime ownership of the property, makes this product very attractive to our clients.”

Debbie Hutton, Debbie Hutton Conveyancing


“Our clients are making the single largest monetary investment they will make throughout their lives and having the peace of mind to support that investment by offering a Stewart Title policy is really a no brainer.

Our clients who have lodged claims were completely satisfied with the end results and more importantly, that they took out a policy based on our recommendations. In some cases, it has saved them tens of thousands of dollars. Our biggest advocate for a Stewart title policy is a client who in fact did not take out a policy and ended up with a bill of near on $80K.

We receive nothing but the best of customer support and training from the team at Stewart Title and we cannot recommend them and the product highly enough.”

Peter Gajanovic, Victorian Statewide Conveyancing


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“I love referring Stewart Title to my clients. Just knowing that they will be looked after is such peace of mind for my company and a tremendous relief and comfort when my files have settled and ready to be achieved. No need to worry further as Stewart Title policy is in place.

All the staff at Stewart Title are just lovely to deal with and always with kindness and care and professionalism and tremendous services.

I can say with sincere honesty I don’t have anything negative to say about Stewart Title only good positive thoughts and relief for the great support offered to my firm and clients by Stewart Title.”

Dora Nicholson, Ethnico Conveyancing


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“As a business owner, it is important to give clients the option of taking out title insurance and I highly encourage clients to do so. Not only does it protect my Company should something arise for the purchaser down the track and they find out they could have been protected had I given them the option of title insurance, but it is also a small cost for the amount of protection is covers.

The service at Stewart Title is of the highest quality. They are always there for support and to answer any questions from myself, my staff, or my clients directly. They engage with us often and are even known to provide care packages from time to time.

I strongly recommend Stewart Title to all firms as not only does it offer protection for clients, but it also offers protection in terms of liability.”

Cyndal Reumer, Genuine Conveyancing


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“We recommend that all of our purchaser clients consider a Stewart Title policy.  The cover offered by their policy gives our clients peace of mind in knowing that they are covered from some of the unexpected risks that could arise in future. The staff at Stewart Title are incredibly supportive and super responsive. Customer service is clearly their priority, nothing is too much trouble and they are always available to assist.  We cannot recommend them enough.”

Rebecca Wadelton, Tailored Conveyancing Services


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“Stewart Title insurance is worth every cent and something I offer to all of my clients. For that peace of mind for the lifetime of owning the property, in my opinion the investment is invaluable.

And the fact that Jodi Grist is so lovely to deal with on a professional level makes it even better.”

Amanda Sutej, Capital Property Conveyancing


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“We have been using Stewart Title for over 10 years now and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.  The peace of mind it gives us to be able to explain the importance of taking out title insurance to our clients is extremely reassuring for us and of course our clients. Our clients are extremely grateful to not only be advised of the insurance to cover the “unknown” (as most haven’t even heard of such an insurance policy) but the ease of our team being able to organise this on their behalf leaves them with one less thing to worry about.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stewart Title to anyone.”

Jen Nelson, Nelson Property Transfer Services


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“As conveyancers, we see significant value in Stewart Title insurance and confidently recommend it to each any every purchaser we represent.

Having worked in the industry for almost 20 years, you soon realise that despite the requirements of the Sale of Land Act, there remain numerous potential risks and issues which conveyancers and buyers could not possibly be aware prior to purchase. We see Stewart Title insurance as money well spent and are aware of many instances where it has saved homeowners tens of thousands of dollars. It’s an ideal risk management tool which should be considered by all homeowners.”

Rebecca Hall, Sargeants Glen Eria & Monash


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“As a business owner of Cheltenham Conveyancing, I am very pleased to have such a fantastic association with Stewart Title. Run by a terrific team with a wealth of knowledge they offer a great product at a reasonable price. My clients are extremely pleased to be provided with the information and brochures on their products. It is definitely an added service that my business is able to provide to my clients.  I look forward to continuing our business association in the years to come. Well done Stewart Title team.”

Colleen Buck, Cheltenham Conveyancing


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“Margot Sinclair’s Conveyancing Services has been offering our Clients Stewart Title insurance for the past 10 years. Around 80% of our clients take out title insurance for the peace of mind it offers. Buying a property is one of the biggest financial commitments one will make. It is also the most exciting, but can be stressful, so we find by offering title insurance to our clients, it takes some of the pressure off them by knowing that they are covered in case something unforeseen occurs. Jodi has always been so helpful, willing to speak directly to clients to explain the process and what the insurance covers in their individual circumstance.

We will continue to offer this amazing product to our clients as we believe it to be one of great value.”

Nikki McQuillen, Margot Sinclair’s Conveyancing Services


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“We highly recommend that all of our clients to take out a Stewart Title insurance policy with their property transactions. The added protection and security of having this coverage is of great benefit for the cost. All the staff at Stewart Title are professional and highly approachable with any enquiries from clients and our office.”

Kelly Young, Estate Conveyancing


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“My experience with dealing with Stewart Title has never been anything but great! The whole team are so friendly and accommodating and always willing to assist in any way. The process of applying for a policy is quick and easy and the information supplied for our clients to make an informed decision is easy to follow. Our job is to make our clients feel secure in one of their biggest life purchases and Stewart Title assists in making that happen.”

Katrina Abrams, Eureka Conveyancing


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“I recommend Stewart Title to all my purchaser clients. It gives me great comfort to know that by doing this I really am doing the best I can for my clients and at least giving them the option to insure for things that we may not be able to detect in a due diligence. The once off premium is a small price for clients to pay for peace of mind.  That, coupled with the fact that the team at Stewart Title are great to deal with make the recommendation to clients an absolute no-brainer.”

Patricia Sheedy, Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers

Western Australia

“Stewart Title is a fantastic product that I highly recommend to all of our clients. I find one of the biggest selling points and benefits of the policy is the one-off cost for the lifetime they own the property. It’s such a relatively small price to pay for great peace of mind to provide cover on a wide range of potential issues.

The team at Stewart Title are always available and happy to answer any queries clients have about the product and they make the process of taking out policies on behalf of clients a breeze!”

Sally Foster, SettleWise Conveyancing


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“As a settlement agent, I really didn’t know the true value of this insurance product until I had to make claim personally on my own property.

The claims process was very easy, and their claims team and team of insurance experts guided us through the process. The claims team dealt directly with my local council to arrange rectification of the unapproved structure and non-complying septic tank, and then again liaised directly with subcontractors to have the works completed. The cost of the claim was just under $140,000.

The best part is that I am still insured for further risks down the track under the policy, all for a once off premium.”

~ Leanne Phoebe, Cockburn Central Property Settlements


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“Our office has been using Stewart Title for nearly a decade, and in that time, they have always shown complete dedication to our clients and our office. Always available, always knowledgeable and always helpful, Stewart Title are a great addition to the settlement agent’s toolbox!”

Andrew Hopper, Focus Settlements


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“I just wanted thank you for your support with assisting my staff and clients with any queries regarding title insurance.

Stewart Title are great company to deal with and we promote your policies with each settlement transaction that comes our way.

Risk management is something we all must consider, and Stewart Title are the leaders in the field of title insurance. Thanks once again for your valued support and advice.”

Peter Groom, Peter Groom Settlements


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“We are a huge supporter of Stewart Title insurance since they launched in WA as we could see it being a significant benefit for all buyers. All clients that have made a claim on their policy have been so very thankful of being given the opportunity and recommendation to have taken out the policy. The customer service we are provided by the Stewart Team is second to none, we always feel very supported and any query always answered so quickly.”

Sarah Mahony, Safety Bay Settlements


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“It is a pleasure to work with you and your team. You have a great product and fantastic customer service.

We are happy to recommend you to our clients and know that all their queries will be answered promptly and professionally. Keep up the great work!”

Kathryn McKenna, Nu-Age Settlements


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“The product is good value for money, giving buyers cover for what they often can’t and won’t find out through the settlement process. Sandy Wormald is an outstanding representative providing WA with not only regular education and updates in which she clearly demonstrates a passion for the product Stewart Title offers, but she also finds the time to assist with individual inquiries from our clients to help them make an informed decision. Sandy is a true asset to our industry, our clients and Stewart Title.”

Wayne Ellen, Residential Settlements


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“Stewart Title have looked after our clients for the past four years and we have been extremely happy with their service. Communication and customer service have been excellent, and they have been very helpful on the occasions where our clients or our office needed assistance with enquiries and claims. Keep up the good work guys. The Team from Elite Property Settlements.”

Gabi Popova, Elite Property Settlements

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“L J Hooker Settlements have been a massive advocate for Stewart Title and the property title insurance for many years now.

We see that offering the product to all buyers as an essential risk management tool. Not only protecting our business, but also protecting the real estate business’ that refer business to us.

Many times, we have had the call from the buyer after settlement where an issue has been raised, and it give us great comfort to inform them “you’ve got title insurance that issue should covered.”

We will continue to recommend, and it gives us confidence that we are de-risking our business in doing so.”

Janet Hryb & Barry Pound, L J Hooker Settlements

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“We have referred Stewart Title to our clients for many years. It is a one-off cost and it could save you thousands of dollars.  We have had many clients contact us and thank us for referring them to title insurance.”

Vicki Philipoff, Vicki Philipoff Settlements

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“I personally have been recommending title insurance to my clients for about five years. I believe it is an extremely valuable product which has saved many of my clients and even myself from thousands of dollars of unexpected costs caused by risks inherited when purchasing property. The Stewart Title team have been amazing with our clients when they go to make a claim and Sandy, the BDM in our state of WA, is a wealth of property industry knowledge.”

Katherine Hanson, Hanson Property Settlements

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“If my clients have any issues after settlement, the very first thing I do is look to see if they opted to take Stewart Title insurance, which we recommend to all our buyers.  It’s such a great feeling when I see they have taken out a policy as I know Sandy and the team at Stewart Title will be happy to look into it and see what they can do to help.  Sandy is always friendly, helpful and attentive.  I know I can direct clients directly to her if they have any questions about what taking out a policy really means. Stewart Title also works closely with and supports the settlement agent industry in WA through their sponsorship and events.”

Talitha King, Conveyancing Southwwest

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