Compliments or Complaints

We Welcome Your Feedback

Stewart Title welcomes your feedback.  Listening to comments and concerns from our clients and insureds is just one of the ways we strive to provide you with magnificent service.


Please select the category below that best reflects the nature of your feedback to ensure your message reaches the appropriate associate.
Compliments and General Feedback

We always strive to provide magnificent service from our inspired professionals.  When we are successful, we like to hear about it!  We encourage you to tell us your story or express your positive feedback.

Conversely, if you have general feedback on where we may have missed our goal, or you have constructive suggestions or feedback, we also want to know so that we can continue to improve. 

You may contact the associate or the department manager directly via telephone at 02 9081 6200 or toll free at 1800 300 440.  You may also send us feedback in writing via any of the following methods so that we can review and respond to your comments.

Email [email protected] 
Mail Stewart Title Limited
GPO Box 527
Sydney NSW 2001

Please include your full name, firm name if applicable, email address and phone number. Your privacy is protected. Please view our privacy policy for more details.  
Our Complaint Procedure
Stewart Title is committed to providing you with the utmost in customer service.  However, should you ever have a concern about the service you receive, we encourage you to tell us about it.

In most cases, your concern is resolved simply by discussing it with one of our Representatives at the office where you conduct business with us.

In the event that our Representative is unable to resolve your concern to your satisfaction, follow the process below so that we can ensure your concern is attended to in a timely manner.


Filing of a complaint
Please contact the Complaints Officer as follows if you want to file a complaint with Stewart Title:

Telephone 02 9081 6200
1800 300 440 toll free
Fax 1300 898 175 toll free
Email [email protected]
Mail Complaints Officer
Stewart Title Limited
GPO Box 527
Sydney NSW 2001

When you contact us, we will require:

  • Your Name; Street Address; Email Address; Phone and Fax Numbers with area codes.
  • Where you prefer to be reached.
  • The name of the person with whom you spoke.
  • Particulars relating to the matter.


The Complaints Officer will follow the process outlined below: 

  1. The Complaint Officer, will acknowledge your complaint by letter or telephone call within 24 hours of receiving the complaint and in some cases, may need to direct your concern to the appropriate Manager for investigation and response.
  2. Within 30 calendar days of receiving your complaint, we will by a letter or a phone call, advise you on the resolution of your complaint and the action Stewart Title has taken, or in complex cases, the status of your complaint and an expected time of resolution. If we are unable to provide a final response within 30 calendar days, we will notify you about the reason for the delay as well as your right to refer the complaint to AFCA.
  3. Stewart Title will send you a final notice on the resolution of your complaint or the plan implemented to resolve your complaint.
  4. To ensure that our internal process has been followed, the Complaint Officer’s most important task is to review the details of any complaint objectively and impartially.

Stewart Title is committed to making the best efforts to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction. However, should you remain unsatisfied with the Company’s final position, you may contact the independent organisation below.

Complaints & Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Management Policy